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In January we celebrate the 11th year of FORGOTTEN HORROR’s existance with a new album and an album release gig. The upcoming sophomore album is entitled “AEON OF THE SHADOW GODDESS” and it will be released by Woodcut Records, and the album release gig will be held at Henry’s Pub, Kuopio (Finland) together with JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES on January 9, 2015.

announcement-flyer-front-WEBAEON OF THE SHADOW GODDESS – Tracklist:

1. Intro: The Adept
2. Behold A Shadow Goddess
3. Of Man’s First Rebellion
4. Lilithian
5. In Ravenous Darkness
6. Queen Of An Ivory Moon
7. Her Crescent Horns
8. Babalon
9. The Ghost Of Our Time

Making this album has been a long journey for me. “Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess” is an alchemical celebration to the dark goddess in her various forms and this process required me to turn my life upside down, step back and re-evaluate everything.

As Forgotten Horror goes hand in hand with my own initiatory growth, you can also hear that the band’s sound has evolved and gone through a transformation. When it comes to songwriting, there are more layers and elements in the new songs and everything sounds more dynamic than before. A rough mix version of the song “BEHOLD A SHADOW GODDESS” is now available on our website and on SoundCloud. This song perfectly represents the things to come.

There has been some changes in the line-up, Corpse no longer plays the bass and we welcome Kennet as our new live guitarist.

All her darkest blessings,

Tuomas Karhunen – Guitars, vocals
Kassara – Drums
Kennet – Live guitars

Download the new song “BEHOLD A SHADOW GODDESS” here


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